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Vetrimax AtopiCream™ HC Leave-On Lotion/Conditioner with hydrocortisone (12ct/Case)


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AtopiCream™ Leave-On Lotions for Animals is the only veterinary leave-on lotion that contains a powerful blend of 1% hydrocortisone + ceramdies, essential fatty acids, aloe vera + vitamin E ingredients that help restore and repair the natural skin barrier while providing soothing relief for pet itch and irritated skin.

AtopiCream™ is available in corticosteriod (AtopiCream™ HC with 1% Hyrdocortisone) & antihistamine (AtopiCream™ with 2% Diphenhydramine) formulations.

Available in 8oz bottles

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Provides Relief From:

AtopiCream™ HC (1% hydrocortisone) Leave-On Lotion/Conditioner for Animals is a unique, anti-inflammatory, rehydrating lotion to be used in cases of corticosteroid-responsive dermatoses. 

  • Allergic Response 
  • HOT Spots
  • Contact Allergens 
  • Inflammation
  • Clinical Dryness
  • Pruritus skin conditions