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Vetrimax Command™ LA

The winner's circle is all about quality and dedication. It all starts with an outstanding product - a genetic foundation for greatness.  When you add hard work, professionally formulated products and passion for the sport, failure is not a possibility.

 Command™ LA is a uniquely formulated deep-cleansing shampoo ideal for livestock show animals. Command's potent antiseptic properties combined with its brightening ability make it the perfect choice for your show box.

" We were so excited to see how Command Shampoo worked on our show cattle! We were incredibly pleased and plan to continue using Command Shampoo in our show barn! We cannot wait to see what they come out with next and recommend all my fellow breeders to check this product out."

- Lana Jo Forgason Stanley, JD Hudgins Inc.

Livestock Animals

“Throughout my show career it was hard to find products that were suited for more than one usage and that exhibited a powerful solution. I have never come across another product that maximizes its usage like Command LA does. I could not be happier with Command LA and its performance for our clients and our operation.”

- Drew Douglass, Douglass Livestock 

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