Treating Atopic Dermatitis for Dogs and Cats

The best treatment for atopic dermatitis in pets is a multimodal approach, including control of parasites and secondary infections, as well as allergen-specific immunotherapy or immune-modulating drugs for control of pruritis and inflammation.  And that includes topical treatments, to limit the amount of systemic medications given long-term.

 With Vetrimax® products, you get a POWERHOUSE COMBO of antimicrobial shampoo, and soothing leave-on lotion (conditioner) that work together to:

  • Eliminate and prevent infections and pyoderma
  • Soothe inflamed, pruritic, red skin and lesions
  • Restore skin barrier health, for better prevention of symptoms

 And, since our products are gentle enough to be used for maintenance bathing and grooming — they can help with a variety of skin conditions, including hot spots, mild irritation, insect bites, and general skin and coat health.