VetriMax Online Sales Policy

Revised February 5, 2020

VetriMax Veterinary Products, LLC (“VetriMax” or “Manufacturer”) is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pet products. VetriMax’s online brand integrity is linked to the quality of products shipped to customers. In order to maintain VetriMax’s brand integrity and company reputation, VetriMax publishes this mandatory & binding Online Sales Policy pertaining to the sale and/or resale of VetriMax Products (“Products”) by Distributors, by Wholesalers, and by any other parties wishing to sell the Products. “Distributors” and “Wholesalers” and other parties selling the Products may collectively be referred to as “Sellers” or individually referred to as “Seller” in this Online Sales Policy.

Seller shall not sell any of the Products on,,,, any other online market places, or any other digital platform without the express written authority and consent of Manufacturer. Seller shall not sell or offer for sale the Products via any Internet websites other than the Approved Web Sites and Approved Mass Market Places as provided in express written consent by Manufacturer to Seller.

Any Party who sells VetriMax Products must adhere to the Online Sales Policy to ensure that the VetriMax guidelines of the Online Sales Policy are followed for matters that include but are not limited to VetriMax promotions, offerings, intellectual property usage, shipping, etc. VetriMax’s guidelines for online sale include:

  • Without express written license directly from VetriMax, no party other than VetriMax may create listings for Products on any mass market websites.
  • Products must be listed only with approved Product images and approved Product descriptions with approval at the sole discretion of VetriMax. VetriMax may provide pre-approved images and/or descriptions.
  • Incorrect Categories for Products shall not be created, listed under, sold under or participated in.
  • Shipments of Products shall be e-commerce complainant (i.e. boxed properly, sealed well).
  • Incorrect UPC’s shall not be used in listing or in selling Products.
  • Mixing of other companies’ brands with VetriMax Products is strictly prohibited whether in listings for Products or in sales of Products.
  • Without express written license, no party other than Manufacturer will create new variations or multi packs or bundles of Products whether in listings for Products or in sales of Products.
  • Misleading images or descriptions or sizes are strictly prohibited. (i.e. Customer orders a 16oz and receives 2 8oz items. -or- Old labels or old model numbers are shipped in place of new Products.)
  • Do not answer questions about Products on any online forum without Manufacturer consent.
  • Follow the established rules and accepted practices of the online platform that you are utilizing.
  • Adhere to the Minimum Advertised Price Policy (“MAP Policy” or “Policy”) and only advertise Products at a price equal to or greater than the Manufacturer’s current Minimum Advertised Price.
  • Sellers will ensure that resellers to whom they sell Products will also meet these guidelines, and Sellers will be responsible for any violations of these guidelines by such other reseller(s) to whom Seller sold the Products.

Failure to comply with the Online Sales Policy is subject to termination of the Product warranty, termination of the Product Guarantee, termination of the License to use of VetriMax trademark & other intellectual property, termination of distribution rights for Products, termination of the right to sell Products in “new” condition, and subject to other remedies as provided by law.


Manufacturer reserves the right to modify the Online Sales Policy at any time.