Vetuau™ Medicated Wipes

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  • FIGHTS INFECTION: Convenient, Premoistened Deodorizing Wipes Which are Easy to Use and Leaves Your Pet Smelling Great. Keep Skin Folds, Face and Paws Clean and Healthy!

  • CLEANS, HEALS AND RELIEVES: Effective at Home Solution for Treatment of Hot Spots, Yeast, Pyoderma, Chin Acne and More in Dogs, Cats and Horses.

  • WATERLESS GROOMING WIPES: Cleanses Tear Stains. Medicated Wipes are Ideal for Quick, on-the-go Cleansing, Debris Removal, Odor Elimination for Skin, Paw and Ear Health.

  • KEEP HARD TO REACH AREAS CLEAN & HEALTHY: Wrinkles, Finger Folds, Face, Paws, Feet, Butt, Ears, Underarm, Groin, Chin and More. Safe and Effective Maintenance of Skin Folds and Wrinkles!

  • VET RECOMMENDED: Formulated with Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Miconazole Nitrate, These Convenient Pre-Moistened Towelettes are the Perfect Choice for Routine Skin and Coat Maintenance.

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