VetUAU™ Dog Ear Cleaner Solution

VetUAU™ Dog Ear Cleaner Solution

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VetUAU Dog Ear Cleaner Solution - Medicated Ear Cleanser for Dogs, Cats, Horses

  • MEDICATED CLEANING: Dog Ear Wash Designed to Soothe Painful, Itchy, Irritated Ears. Removes dirt, debris and wax buildup, reducing the risk of infection.
  • DAILY PREVENTATIVE FLUSH: Clean the ear canal daily for pets which are prone to infection. Safe and effective for all breeds.
  • GET RID OF STINKY EARS: Gentle Otic solution cleans discharge and debris. Deodorizes for a fresh, clean scent.
  • FAST RELIEF - DOG, CAT, HORSE: Veterinarian Formulated Ear care Medicine for all ages and breeds. Proudly made in USA in FDA, cGMP registered facility.
  • EASY APPLICATION DROPS: Using cotton ball, apply drops liberally into ear canal, massage base of ear, allow pet to shake their head and gently cleanse excess with cotton ball.

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