Allergy CZN™ with ImmunoRISE™ Seasonal Allergy Defense for Dogs 20 lbs and over

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The ImmunoRise™ Difference…

Dogs are tough! But some are tougher than others🫤. Today, more than 15% of the dog population suffers from seasonal allergies and/or allergic skin disease.  That’s why we created the ImmunoRise™ proprietary blend - a high potency boost to your dog’s natural defenses against allergens and illness.

Allergy CZN™ is a nutritional supplement specifically formulated for dogs predisposed to canine allergic skin disease (CAD). The ImmunoRISE™ proprietary blend of potent probiotics, essential fatty acids, vitamin C, quercetin and zinc  provides the power of Allergy CZN™.

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