VetriMAX® Inspriva

VetriMAX® Inspriva is sold internationally (Previously known as VetriMAX® Inspire)

Soothing Aloe and Oatmeal Shampoo

- LONG LASTING FRESH SCENT: Odor Eliminator. Bath time will be fun again with the pleasant aroma of springtime Cherry Blossoms wafting through the air. Smells amazing! Rich, luxurious lather!

- INSTANT ITCH & ALLERGY RELIEF: Soothing treatment for itching dogs with seasonal allergies. Puppies to Adult Dogs.

- SILKY, SOFT SHINY COAT: Moisturizing Aloe Vera enriched formula is designed to strengthen, nourish and soften the skin and coat.

- HYPOALLERGENIC: Gentle blend of Oatmeal & Aloe Vera. Soothing relief from flaky, dry, sensitive skin and dandruff.

- MADE IN THE USA FOR ALL FUR TYPES: Poodles, Labradors, Yorkie, French bulldog. Puppy shampoo. Our products are expertly formulated, manufactured in the USA and recommended by veterinarians.

Hip and Joint Supplement for Dogs

- ADVANCED HIP & JOINT CARE- Turmeric, Hyaluronic Acid, Glucosamine Chondroitin for dogs of all breeds. Power packed natural ingredients formulated to support and repair joints and cartilage, soothing inflammation and easing pain.

- REDUCE PAIN & INFLAMMATION: Aides dogs with arthritis, hip dysplasia, or chronic joint stiffness. Every Chicken Liver and Cheese flavored chew is loaded with the perfect amount of natrual ingredients;
Glucsamine HCL (200 MG), MSM (200 mg), Chondroitin Sulfate (25 mg) and Yucca Extract (50 mg), Turmeric (50 mg) CoQ10 (10 mg) and Hyaluronic Acid (10 mg) to ease discomfort.

- INCREASE MOBILITY: Pup to senior dog, maintain healthy joints, improve mobility and ease discomfort. Reduce costly vet visits, medications or surgeries. Keep joints flexible, lubricated and healthy. Help prevent joint damage or manage joint issues today.

- PROUDLY MADE IN USA: Supports joint health in dogs of all sizes; small to large, puppy to senior dog. Our products are expertly formulated, manufactured in the USA in a GMP compliant, FDA registered facility and recommended by veterinarians.

- HEALTHY "TREATS" YOUR PUP WILL CRAVE: Our supplements are formulated to give them back the vim and vigor of their puppy days without breaking the bank. No more than 3 chews daily, according to their weight; 1 chew (up to 25 lbs), 2 chews (26-75 lbs), 3 chews (over 75 lbs)

Dog Ear Cleaner Solution

- MEDICATED CLEANING: Dog Ear Wash Designed to Soothe Painful, Itchy, Irritated Ears. Removes dirt, debris and wax buildup, reducing the risk of infection.

- DAILY PREVENTATIVE FLUSH: Clean the ear canal daily for pets which are prone to infection. Safe and effective for all breeds.

- GET RID OF STINKY EARS: Gentle Otic solution cleans discharge and debris. Disinfects and deodorizes for a fresh, clean scent.

- FAST RELIEF - DOG, CAT, HORSE: Veterinarian Formulated Ear care Medicine for all ages and breeds. Proudly made in USA in FDA, cGMP registered facility.

- EASY APPLICATION DROPS: Using cotton ball, apply drops liberally into ear canal, massage base of ear, allow pet to shake their head and gently cleanse excess with cotton ball.

Dog Grooming Cleaning Wipes

- FIGHTS BACTERIAL INFECTION: Convenient, Premoistened Sanitizing Wipes Which are Easy to Use and Leaves Your Pet Smelling Great. Keep Skin Folds, Face and Paws Clear of Fungal & Yeast Infection Causing Bacteria.

- CLEANS, HEALS AND RELIEVES: Effective at Home Solution for Treatment of Hot Spot, Yeast, Pyoderma, Chin Acne, Ringworm and More in Dogs, Cats and Horses.

- WATERLESS ANTIMICROBIAL GROOMING WIPES: Cleans Tear Stain. Medicated Wipes are Ideal for Quick, on-the-go Cleansing, Debris Removal, Odor Elimination for Skin and Ear Health.

- KEEP HARD TO REACH AREAS BACTERIA FREE: Wrinkles, Finger Folds, Face, Paws, Feet, Butt, Ears, Underarm, Groin, Chin and More. These Warm, Dark Areas are Prime “hotspots” for the Growth of Bacteria and Yeast. Effective Maintenance of Skin Folds and Wrinkles!

- VET RECOMMENDED: Formulated with Chlorhexidine Gluconate and Miconazole Nitrate, These Convenient Pre-Moistened Towelettes are the Perfect Choice for Routine Skin and Coat Maintenance.