A New Patented Sodium Hypochlorite Shampoo is Proven Effective (and Safe)

There has been an increased interest in the use of topical therapy to treat canine pyoderma. Characterized by sores, itching, odor, and infection, pyoderma in its literal definition means ‘pus in the skin’. The previous use of washing a dog's coat with chlorhexidine along with a rinse of diluted bleach was often the recommended choice, however, bleach can dry out the skin, requires precise mixing, has a very short shelf-life, and overall, is unpleasant. 

A new dog shampoo formulated with sodium hypochlorite (bleach) and salicylic acid was tested as a treatment for dogs. It included multiple staphylococcal bacterial species, including S. pseudintermedius along methicillin-resistant strains. The dogs recruited for the testing had a positive culture for methicillin-resistant staphylococci or had prior treatment failures, including courses of antibiotics.  

The study evaluated the effects of using the novel shampoo on dogs three times a week for four weeks. The dogs in the study were evaluated for a baseline and again at two weeks, and again at four weeks. The evaluation included a clinical examination, cytology, and an owner-assessment. Significant improvements were noted at the two-week mark, as well as the four-week mark of the testing period.

The dogs that completed the testing had their owners reporting excellent dispersion and lathering of the shampoo, and a reduction of bad odors. After the four weeks, dog owners also reported a brightening of their dog's light and white coats. The results of the clinical trial concluded that a dog shampoo with sodium hypochlorite will reduce or eliminate bacterial infections without drying out the dog's skin and is generally safe for canine pyoderma.  Other  University studies have focused on the antifungal properties of sodium hypochlorite against yeast and other fungi. 

Where to Find Dog Shampoo with Sodium Hypochlorite

VetriMax carries Command Shampoo for Animals.  This product has been shown to be effective as an adjunct therapy and can be considered a sole-treatment for MDR.

  • MDR is a multi-drug resistant skin infection in dogs that is an antibiotic-resistant bacterial infection. These infections involve the dog's skin that is no longer responding to conventional antibiotic treatments. These treatments can be costly to treat and are often challenging to control. The dog shampoo from VetriMax comes in convenient 4 and 12-ounce size bottles. VetriMax's mission is to improve the lives of pets and those responsible for the care of pets. All of their products are proven and patented to help in the treatment of animals with skin disease.

Where to Learn More About Dog Shampoo for Dogs with Skin Disease

VetriMax has more than twenty years of experience in the veterinary and animal health industry. Established in 2012, we have taken lessons from the past and applied the latest formulations and ingredient-delivery technologies. Our products are clinically tested and expertly created to deliver maximum benefits for pet skincare and overall “value” to pet parents.  

VetriMax was the first to introduce shampoo for the veterinary industry that contains sodium hypochlorite and salicylic acid. This shampoo for dogs is a potent combination for preventing and treating skin infections.

If you have a dog with a severe skin infection, talk to the experts at VetriMax to learn how your pet may benefit from our products or assistance with locating a veterinary dermatologist near you.

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