Tips For Keeping Your Dog Safe in The Summer

Summer is a great time of year for both you and your dog to be outdoors. This time of year you can extend your walk time in the park, head to the beach, take a hike in the woods or head out on the road to get in some travel. But the summer season can also pose some serious health risks for your dog.

Warmer weather can make humans uncomfortable, and the same goes for your pet. There could be increased exposure to insects, sunburn, ticks, and even heatstroke. To keep your pet healthier and happier this summer, these are some tips for keeping your dog safe in the summer.

1. Provide Fresh Water and Shade

When you begin planning outdoor activities with your dog, make sure you bring along plenty of fresh water and do not count on finding it in natural resources. Some natural resources, such as creeks or ponds, can contain algae or other parasites, so having your own supply can prevent health risks.

When heading out, you should also have a plan that includes areas of shade along the route. Shade and fresh water are both vital necessities if your dog will be outside for any length of time whether tied up or walking with you. Overexposure to the sun will quickly dehydrate your dog and cause its water to warm to temperatures it cannot drink.

2. Never Leave Your Dog in a Parked Vehicle

It can be a fatal mistake to leave your dog in a parked vehicle. Temperatures inside a parked vehicle can reach 100 degrees in a time as short as 20 minutes. These temperatures can cause severe heatstroke or death quickly for dogs. Symptoms your pet is suffering include panting, fever, drooling, and an increased heartbeat.

3. Keep Dog's Coat Well-Brushed and Clean

Regular brushing of your dog's coat is always healthier for their skin and gives you an opportunity to spot any irregularities. During the summer season brushing your dog also allows you to spot ticks or fleas that are more prevalent in the warmer months.

Brushing your dog's coat will remove mats that can be forming in its coat. Mats are especially a health risk in summer months as they trap moisture and will irritate your dog's skin. Brushing will remove mats as well as dead dead hair and help circulation on your dog's outer layer of skin. If your dog should develop any skin irritation, contact the experts at VetriMax to learn more about their expertly created and clinically tested pet products.

4. Keep Your Dog Safe in the Water

If you have an opportunity to take your dog to the beach, there are some safety tips to follow to keep them from getting harmed.

  • Never force your dog into the water
  • Don't let your pet overdo this exercise. Swimming is hard work, and your dog can tire quickly
  • If you are on an ocean beach, be careful with strong tides
  • Never leave your dog unattended in the water
  • Use a dog life jacket

5. Keep Your Dog Safe During Summer Travel

Traveling with your pet can be fun, but there are some precautions to take to ensure the trip is safe for your dog.

  • Travel by car
    • If your travel will be done in a vehicle, make sure the crate you use is well-ventilated
    • Put a sun shade on the window close to your dog
    • Make sure you pack an adequate supply of fresh water
  • Travel by plane
    • If your dog will have to use the plane's cargo area for travel, you should check ahead as some airlines will not allow pets in this area if temperatures are hot
    • Provide your dog with a container of freshwater as well as one of frozen water that will unthaw during the trip
  • Travel by RV
    • The rules for an RV are the same as for any other vehicle and you should never leave your dog in a parked RV that is completely closed up
    • Even though there may be enough space to move about in an RV, you should always have your dog attached to a dog-safe seat belt or in a secured crate

There is nothing better than having your canine companion with you on vacation or during your outside time during the summer. By following these tips for keeping your dog safe in the summer, you will ensure these times spent together are enjoyable for both of you.

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