Tips for Keeping Your Dog Kennel Safe

Many people wonder what is safe to put in their dog's kennel. They are not sure if they should leave water and food in the kennels, or if it is safe to leave a piece of their clothing inside it to comfort their pet while they are away. Others also question if it is acceptable to leave chew toys inside a kennel, or towels and other bedding materials. Questions about keeping a dog safe in their kennel are not only about what to put inside it for their pet's comfort but also where they should place the kennel.

Keeping your dog safe while you are away and cannot supervise their behavior, or if you have a new puppy who is acclimating to your home is a priority for pet care. These are some tips for you to follow to plan the most comfortable and safest dog kennel for your four-legged family member.

1. Where to Place the Kennel

The first question to answer about the kennel placement is locating a space large enough for the kennel to fit. When looking for this location remember that dogs are social animals and will become easily distressed if they feel isolated. These feelings of isolation can lead to behavior problems.

Young puppies especially like being close to their new family. They need this closeness as they transition from sleeping next to their littermates to sleeping on their own. Keeping them close through this transition will help them settle in better, and can be moved once they've created a bond with the kennel as their safe place.

Overall, you want to choose a location for your dog's kennel that is most comfortable for them. Some ideas to keep in mind include:

  • Low-traffic areas
  • Temperature controlled
  • Out of harm's way

2. Is it Safe to Place Clothing Items in Dog Kennel?

Placing a piece of your clothing in your dog's kennel to comfort them depends a lot on your pet. If they are likely to chew the material and eat it, then it would not be safe. If your pet is not a chewer and you don't feel there is a threat they'll eat the material, then it would be a comfort to your dog while you are gone.

3. Should Water be Left in a Dog Kennel?

Some people don't want to leave water in their dog's kennel for fear it will get tipped and make the bedding soggy. There are, however, some great clip-on water bowls on the market or bottles that can provide your dog with water and remove the risk of spills. Water for your pet is a primary resource, and they need it to survive. Dogs can become dehydrated quickly and should always have access to water.

4. Should Food be Left in a Dog Kennel?

If you want your dog to love its kennel, when it's mealtime, you should feed them the meal inside of the kennel (leaving the door open.) This practice will help your pet form a wonderful, and positive association with the kennel. If you are locking them in the kennel and leaving them when you have to go out, it is not a good idea to leave food inside. Foods can tip easily and they may mistake a bowl for a chew toy.

5. Should Chews or Toys be Left in a Dog Kennel?

Dogs can become bored and potentially destructive if they have nothing to entertain them. It is a good idea to leave some of their toys or chew items inside the kennel when you have to leave. One factor to consider, however, is that not all dog toys are created equal, so you should not put chews or toys inside that they can chew up and eat.

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