Stinky Dog? Try Odor-Eliminating Command Shampoo for Animals

There are a lot of perfume companies out there who have invested in trying to make pet shampoos that will help cure a stinky pet. Most dogs, tend to smell bad from time to time, whether it be from their bad breath or the unmistakable odor that comes from a walk in the woods or a roll in the grass at the park.

A lot of the odors have a simple solution, but others can be more serious and be the result of an underlying condition. These are some of the reasons your four-legged friend may smell bad, and why you want to have Command™ Shampoo on hand to deal with a stinky dog.

Atopy- Food or Seasonal Allergies

Allergies suffered by your dog can cause inflammation of their skin. The inflammation can lead to excessive secretion of oil from their glands. This oil secretion from your dog's glands will produce a musty smell. A poor diet will also result in a musty odor coming from your dog and can also cause yeast infections which also produce a foul smell. If you feed your dog a lot of carbohydrates and processed foods, you are putting them at risk of developing a yeast infection.

Command Shampoo is an antimicrobial product that will relieve symptoms associated with atopic dermatitis in your dog. It will also treat inflammation, odor, infections, and pruritus. This shampoo is a mono-therapy to fight Malassezia and bacterial strains. This shampoo will also provide your dog benefits that include:

  • Reducing clinical lesions
  • A decrease in bacterial load
  • When used regularly will have a significant impact on reducing the recurrence of pyoderma

Ear Infections

Several types of yeast and bacteria are responsible for ear infections in dogs. If your dog's ears are healthy, they will have a good defense to fight off bacteria, but if they suffer from atopy or seasonal allergies, their bacteria and yeast can increase significantly. When the bacteria and yeast increase, so will the odors. If your dog has floppy or hairy ears, such as Springer Spaniels and Basset Hounds, they are at risk for chronic ear problems.

If your dog develops an odor from ear infections, Command Shampoo will help you eliminate the smells and decrease the bacteria. This mono-therapy shampoo is non-drying, and clinically proven to fight bacterial strains. It will prove beneficial to your dog for several reasons.

Impacted Anal Sacs

One of the most common reasons your dog can be smelling bad is an impacted anal sac. These sacs on our canine friends are on their bottom and are a marking gland, which explains why dogs smell each other's rear ends when meeting. When these sacs become impacted, it can be painful, and they can secrete a foul odor that will remain on their fur. Another sign your dog's anal sac is impacted is if they drag their bottoms against the ground, or scoot across the floor or ground.

Command Shampoo is a deep cleansing animal shampoo that has been dermatologist and clinically tested. Benefits of this shampoo include:

  • Improves skin conditions
  • Improves an animal's coat
  • Effective in fighting bacteria and yeast
  • Effective in eliminating odors on your pet's coat
  • Prevents persistent pyoderma
  • Eliminates or reduces eye stains
  • And more

Command Shampoo can be used to fight infection and is still gentle enough to use as a maintenance shampoo. This pet shampoo is the first-ever, veterinary-exclusive of its kind.

Where to Find Command Shampoo

VetriMax has more than twenty years of experience in veterinary practices and the animal health industry. Using the latest technologies for ingredient-delivered products, VetriMax has created clinically-tested products to make sure your pet achieves and maintains maximum benefits for its coat and skin. Talk to our animal experts or your vet about using our pet shampoos to remove odors from your dog and help improve their skin and coat.

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