How to Prepare for Your Dog's Shedding Season

There are certain breeds of dogs, such as Pekingese, Newfoundlands, and Labrador Retrievers that will shed a considerable amount. There are others, such as the Border Terrier, Poodle, and Dachshunds that will shed little or no hair. Some breeds will only shed seasonally, while others shed all year long. It will depend on the type of coat your dog has as to how much or how often they will shed. Some breeds, like the Golden Retrievers who have thicker coats, tend to shed all year long.

If you have a dog who sheds seasonally, you will notice more shedding occurs during the spring and fall seasons. During the spring, their coat becomes lighter to prepare for warmer weather. In the fall, your dog's coat will begin preparing for winter so you'll notice a change in their fur and a higher occurrence of shedding.

How to Deal With Dog Shedding

You will not be able to completely stop your pet from shedding. Shedding is a natural and healthy process that is necessary for your dog. Some think shaving their dog down will prevent shedding, however, this can interfere with your pet's natural self-warming and self-cooling mechanism. The best fight against shedding is to keep up with a thorough brushing routine.

Grooming your pet is essential and by combing and brushing your dog, you will remove dead hairs before they fall out into your living space or onto your clothing. Grooming also prevents dead hairs from forming into mats on your pet's coat that will eventually damage their skin. A good brushing will also distribute the healthy, natural oils in your dog's skin throughout its coat.

Tools for Properly Grooming Your Dog

Using the right grooming tools will make all the difference in controlling your dog's shedding. If your pet is a heavy shedder, there are special shedding tools on the market that work better than a standard grooming brush. There is also a technique known as hand-stripping that is sometimes used on dogs instead of trimming their coat.

If you have a shorter coat dog, such as a beagle or pug, a natural-bristle brush or a hound mitt will work well for loosening dead hair and setting it free. If your dog has a longer coat, especially those with a double coat, such as the Pomeranian, Collie, or Welsh Corgis, you will want a tool that reaches down under the outer coat to grab the downy undercoat. A slicker brush will work for these coats.

Conditions That Can Cause Shedding

Certain conditions can cause your dog to shed. Congenital problems, such as follicular dysplasia, or endocrine disorders, such as hypothyroidism can cause a dog to shed excessively. Your dog could also be suffering from allergies which can be responsible for skin issues and shedding.

If you are concerned your pet has a skin problem, VetUAU® Aloe & Oatmeal shampoo by VetriMax offers soothing treatment for your pet in a moisturizing bath. VetriMax also has dog shampoo aimed at treatment for dogs and other animals with seasonal allergies or skin infections. VetriMax also offers a luxurious pet skin moisturizer in its AtopiCream HC.  This potent blend of essential fatty acids with aloe vera and vitamin E is an excellent choice for dry skin, also called seborrhea sicca. 

The AKC (American Kennel Club) recommends the best and most effective method to fight your dog's seasonal shedding is to remove the dead hair from their coat. This removal can be done by regular brushing, combing, or using a pore-follicle-dilating dog shampoo as found at VetriMax.  Other recommendations often include the addition of essential fatty acids (EFA’s) into your dog’s diet.  There are many reputable brands that include a sufficient amount of 3-6-9 omega fatty acids.  Dry skin can also increase shedding, especially when electric heaters are in use.  

Where to Find the Best Dog Shampoo

VetriMax has more than twenty years of experience in the animal health industry. We pride ourselves on applying the best and latest ingredient-delivery technologies to our products. All products, including our dog shampoo, have been clinically tested to make sure your dog receives maximum benefits for its coat and skin health.

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