Benefits of Ceramide Supplementation for Allergy-Prone Dogs

Benefits of Ceramide Supplementation for Allergy-Prone Dogs

Allergies don't just affect humans, they can be just as troublesome for our furry friends. We are at the height of allergy season with grass pollen and high tree pollen. This increase in pollen means your pets are suffering just as you are with allergies.

Many pets are predisposed to being allergic. The high pollen counts can irritate their mucus membranes, respiratory system, and skin. This condition is known as canine atopy which is an inherited predisposition and allows allergic symptoms to develop when repeatedly exposed to what is considered a harmless substance, such as an allergen.

Why Dog Skin is Affected by Allergies

Studies have shown when allergens are absorbed by your dog's skin, nose or mouth, it may be the main reason for them developing an allergic response. These “breaches” in the skin’s protective layer can be visualized under electron-microscopic view.  These results may also explain why a dog with atopy is affected most in their feet, face, and perineal areas.

Dog skin and ear conditions are still the most common reason for vet visits. These visits are scheduled because a pet begins to scratch and exhibit dry skin with flaking, hot spots, inflamed red appearances, scabs, or hair loss. Your pet can exhibit one or more of these symptoms, which (unfortunately) are difficult to figure out what is causing them, without proper diagnostics by your veterinary dermatologist.  To find a veterinary dermatologist near you, please visit:

Allergies are responsible for about fifteen percent of canine dermatitis conditions. Allergies can be a result of a dog's diet, or things in the environment such as trees, weeds, dust, grass, even insect bites, and more. A veterinary exam with diagnostic tests would help sort through the possible causes and prescribe specific treatments.

Whatever the cause, one common symptom of these conditions is dry skin. Dry skin is the result of water loss from your dog's outer layer. Most of the common treatments do not focus on preventing water loss from dog skin. There are medicated dog shampoos that can hydrate the skin, but take more time and effort than most pet owners want to put their pet through.

How to Treat Dog Skin Affected with Allergies

 Your dog's skin serves an essential role to keep outside contaminants out of their body as it maintains moisture. The lipid component of their skin is an important barrier to protect your pet. Ceramide replenishment products are gaining popularity based on the pathogenesis of atopy in dogs and preventing moisture loss.

When you provide your pet with ceramide supplementation, it can help them to maintain the lipid layer and prevent their skin from losing moisture and developing skin stress. New developments reached through research of this component have led to new products that are able to maintain your pet's skin health before stress happens.

How Ceramide Supplementation Helps Your Pet's Skin


Studies have shown a decrease in the amounts of ceramides in your dog's skin can cause a condition known as canine atopic dermatitis. When the ceramides decrease, your dog's skin will develop impaired barrier functions. This development will result in moisture loss, rashes, and inflammation. Your pet's skin can also become more sensitive to things that are not typically a problem which will lead to dermatitis. Rather than trying to control the inflammation, new approaches include therapies that are aimed at the skin's barrier, such as ceramide supplementation.

Where to Find Ceramide Supplementation for Dog Skin

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