Humectant gel for hyperkeratotic skin disorders in dogs, cats and horses

Solva-Ker™ Gel is a keratolytic topical gel containing humectants in a clear, greaseless formulation.  Salicylic acid has been shown to produce desquamation of the stratum corneum while not affecting the qualitative or quantitative structure of the viable epidermis. 



Solva-Ker ™ Gel utilizes VetriSphere™ (VetriMax) Smart Encapsulation Technology to deliver active ingredients to the desired location with extended-release of functional ingredients.  This unique time-release technology makes it possible for the consumer to apply the product less often while receiving maximum benefit and ultimate product performance. Active ingredients applied normally experience an immediate, short burst in concentration followed by a rapid decline.  Solva-Ker™ Gel’s controlled release delivery system offers a prolonged concentration at the effective level, providing maximum product performance and sustained benefits.